Tile Pattern Artisan Figolli are back!

***SOLD OUT***

Once again, we are delighted to be doing the Artisan Maltese Tile Pattern Figolli! Both in minature tiles and in the large square tile by popular demand!

Our artisanal figolli are made from 100% pure almonds throughout. Pastafrolla dough covers the traditional almond filling. The home-made preserved orange peel is made from locally grown oranges with no sugar added, used to elevate the flavour of the pure almond mixture.

These Malta Tile Pattern Figolli are available in miniature ones at 8€ and the standard large ones at 18.95€. Pre-order now to avoid disappointment to secure your figolla from this year’s batch.  Contact the artist on [email protected] or wait till they are uploaded on her e-shop very soon.

Designed and made in Malta for the 3rd year!

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