The jewel-tone beauty of Żmeralda – the Emerald Green Collection & its Floral-Lush Bouquets

On Saturday 23rd of April 2022, the beautiful and vibrant Żmeralda – Emerald Green hand-painted ceramic collection was launched at the Stephanie Borg® Studio. This is the latest hand-painted ceramic collection inspired by Wrought Iron patterns, created by Stephanie Borg® following the Nwar Blue Blossom Collection and the Wrought Iron Black & White Collection.

The growing collection has a small plat pot, a medium vase and a large vase. The versatility of Żmeralda is part of its charm. Boasting a rich jewel-tone of emerald green, the concept works well within any environment such as the contemporary classic style or the modern urban living with a touch of Maltese heritage and charm into the modern sphere.

To glorify the beauty of these vases and pots, Stephanie Borg® in collaboration with Alistair Floral Design has developed a lush collection of arrangements and bouquets to compliment the Żmeralda Collection. Created by Alistair Floral Design, led by Alistair Fenech, the beauty of the creamy & evergreen foliage and the rich lush violets and lilac tones compliment the emerald green colour perfectly. One can order both of the arrangements in both the medium and the large vase.

Alistair Fenech visited the Stephanie Borg® Studio Boutique to demonstrate how the arrangements and bouquets are created and shared crucial tips on how one can surprisingly increase the lifespan of the floral arrangement with just a bit of care and fresh water!

Watch Demo 1 – The Succulent Charm 

Watch Demo 2 – The Lush  & Lilac Bouquet



ŻMERALDA is inspired by wrought iron designs found on traditional Maltese doors that feature a foliage design stemming out of a plant pot. Not any shade of green would have suited this Collection, because as St Hildegard of Bingen once declared: “All the green of nature is concentrated within an Emerald.” This gem of a colour symbolises abundance and growth ~ bringing freshness and calm to your space.

Created by Stephanie Borg®, each ŻMERALDA piece is a unique work of art, individually hand painted and handcrafted in Malta. Get ready to transform your terrace and garden with the Stephanie Borg® Ceramic Collection for all Mediterranean seasons.

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