Mediterranea Tile Canvas Block ~ pattern 13


This collection of canvas prints features faithfully-reproduced patterns of old Maltese cement tiles which the artist has been sourcing and replicating since 2008. The artist’s fascination with these tiles has inspired her to bring them to everyone’s awareness in objects of every day use from artworks to textiles, stationery to ceramics.

This is a Giclee printed canvas with museum grade varnish. It is provided stretched onto a wooden 3cm wide frame, ready to hang.

Weight : 800 gSize / Capacity :

Collections :


Malta-inspired Collection
“Upon my return to Malta in 2008, after an absence of about 10 years, I started to look at my native Malta through a fresh perspective. The little details of every day life, often disregarded or passed as insignificant, urged me to pause and look closer at these fleeting moments of routine and tradition. I invite you to take a moment and join me in celebrating simple quotidian activities of daily Maltese life.”

Tile Pop Pattern

“Till the age of 5, I lived with my family in a small place which was covered with old cement tiles ~ I still remember my fascination with their patterns and colours! Till today, these patterned tiles still delight me! Since 2008, I have been taking photos of every old cement tile I come across in Malta and Gozo. My aim is to revive an appreciation for this dying craft and to keep alive all these beautiful patterns by putting them on objects of everyday use so that they can be enjoyed by all.”

The Tile Pop Collection is my own interpretation of tile patterns with vibrant trendy colours, giving an oomph to the overall charming effect.

Inspired by Malta Tile Patterns. Madum ta’ Malta – Maduma Malta

Nwar Blue Blossom Collection – a new bold yet elegant homeware concept by Stephanie Borg®

Nwar means blossom in Maltese, the sprouting of the flower into the fruit. Blossoms, sprouts and flowers are often depicted on local cement tiles and found intertwined on beautiful wrought ironwork as seen on traditional Maltese façades. The visual strength of the bold graphics in a purposely mixed hue of blue contrast sharply against the sparkling white background bringing to life your table and home set-up.

Discover Nwar – Be Bold, Be Inspired.

Maltese Doors Collection
“I started really looking closely at Maltese doors about 4 years ago when I was renovating my new home. The more I looked, the more I could see their intricate ironwork, wood panelling and bold colours. Each door is so diverse and individual that they almost stared back at me like human portraits. I still find their presence very captivating, demanding my full attention. I hope you also look more closely next time round!”

Middle East Collection
“The Middle East, particularly the Sultanate of Oman where I lived for about 6 years, has been a great source of inspiration for me. It is during this time that I once again took up the brush, and also exhibited for the first time ever with a series of ink drawings depicting Omani subjects. My decision to leave blank anonymous faces on my men and women is intentional ~ I am not interested in their identity but rather in their attire, which is traditionally very ornate and colourful especially for the female.”

Village Street Collection
“This mixed-media illustration which inspired this collection was prompted by one of my walks around various towns and villages in Malta. I particularly enjoy those areas where rows of typical Maltese doors and balconies still adorn the streets. It is fascinating how some of the façades intertwine like a jigsaw, whilst others have a clear-cut division between them. With such character on the outside, one is left to imagine just how much is left unseen on the inside!”

Artist Pattern Collection
“My fascination for pattern has been my constant companion since childhood. My mother has unknowingly nurtured in me a love for pattern and colour when as a child, she used to drag me with her to a small shop selling textiles ~ for me it was more like being in a candy shop amongst all those colours! I was allowed to have off-cuts which I used match and examine very closely, and tell myself that one
day, I too will be creating my own patterns.”

Wrought Iron Collection

Whilst renovating my new home back in 2012, I became more aware of the distinctive features that give traditional Maltese façades their unique identity. This awareness prompted me to take an even closer look at the creativity and skill of the blacksmiths who have adorned our doors, windows and balconies with intricate wrought iron designs inspiring me to launch this collection. I hope that, like me, you will also be drawn towards the beauty of these designs.

ŻMERALDA Emerald Green Collection – the brand new Ceramic Collection of hand painted vases and pots in a specially mixed green hue. ŻMERALDA is inspired by wrought iron designs found on traditional Maltese doors that feature a foliage design stemming out of a plant pot. Not any shade of green would have suited this Collection, because as St Hildegard of Bingen once declared: “All the green of nature is concentrated within an Emerald.” This gem of a colour symbolises abundance and growth ~ bringing freshness and calm to your space.