Ġuljana 100% Silk Scarf Limited Edition


ĠULJANA means the collection of books that list the origin of a country’s surnames. Though ĠULJANA is a word unknown to many, it couldn’t be more representative of this scarf which puts together 307 locally found surnames as one unique design. The classic shimmer and the natural temerature-regulating properties of silk make it an all-climate fabric – perfect to wear Ġuljana all year round!
100% Silk Scarf – Limited Edition
Size: 100cm x 100cm packed in a Stephanie Borg designer black tube with handle with a numbered certificate.
“I am delighted to introduce this new scarf design which took months to finalise, and to introduce #thefaceofGuljana Amy Sciberras who is a warranted professional conservator-restorer. Just like our surnames are passed on from one generation to the next, Amy ensures that several old works of art are restored in the present for future generations to enjoy!” – Stephanie Borg – Artist & Designer

Weight : 700 gWEIGHT :

450 g


100 × 100 cm