Nominated for MCCAA customer care and online shopping experience award – ‘Premju Servizz bi Tbissima’

Stephanie Borg is delighted to be nominated for the 7th edition of the ‘Premju Servizz bi Tbissima’ award which recognizes local retailers and service providers who, through good customer care and aftersales service, provide the best shopping experience to their customers.

The competition, organised by the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA), also encourages commercial practices that provide more benefits to consumers than those stipulated by law.

Voting for the competition will take place over a span of four weeks, and will end on Tuesday, 19th July 2022.

There are five main categories:

  • Online local sellers
  • Supermarkets and mini markets
  • Electronic products and household goods
  • Fashion and beauty
  • Travel and transport Services

Voting for the award winners will be cast by the public. While consumers can vote for more than one seller/company within the same category, they can only vote once for the same seller/company within the same category.

If you are happy with the level of service we provide, enjoying shopping from our online store and have been satisfied with our delivery service, Stephanie Borg would appreciate your vote!

Vote for Stephanie Borg in 3 easy steps and be in the chance to win €100 cash prizes, which are randomly drawn every week until the voting deadline.

  1. Click here 
  2. Click on the ‘Online Sellers’ category.
  3. Fill in the form and vote. Tip: we are in the ‘Q-Z’ section in the first field of the form.

Traders who receive most votes will be vetted by a jury to ensure that they meet the stipulated criteria. The winners will then be announced during an Award Giving Ceremony and will receive a trophy, certificate, and the possibility to use the ‘Servizz bi Tbissima Award’ logo on their promotional and marketing material.

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