Malta Tile Pattern hand-embroidered Lavender Bags

Wouldn’t it be a joy to open your drawer to the earthy floral scent of lavender? All you need is one of these bags filled with natural lavender sourced from gardens in Germany exclusively made for the Stephanie Borg Malta Tile Pattern Collection. These little beauties have been hand-embroidered with a Malta tile-inspired motif in different colours.
Place them in your closet, around the house or even in your suitcase. Lavender bags are also ideal to be placed by your pillow ~ they would not only look great but the calming effect of lavender will help you fall asleep.
They make great little gifts for Mother’s Day. Pair them up with Stephanie’s Limited Edition 100% Silk Scarf ‘Mediterranea’ for a more exclusive Gift Set.
Also ideal as Pillow Gifts or Corporate Gifts. Contact the artist for more info.
Available exclusively from Stephanie Borg Studio Boutique in Rabat.


  1. Luciana Farrugia

    Your products are simply superb
    Beautiful and dainty

    September 1, 2019 Reply

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