Honoured & Humbled. Winner of Il-Premju f’Ġieħ l-Artiġjanat Malti 2021 for best in Glass & Ceramic category

Just a month after being awarded the best creative enterprise by the Malta Arts Council, I feel now again honoured and humbled about my recent award by the Malta Crafts Foundation on Friday 8th of July. The Nwar Blue Blossom Collection by the Stephanie Borg brand has won the best concept and product in the glass works & ceramic category for 2021. The award night was held at Casino Maltese in Valletta.

It is an honour to be recognised for all the hard work, time and perseverance put into my past 14 years that I like to refer to as my Malta creative journey ~ a journey that started from having only my own creative resources and passion for local heritage to rely on. Whilst sincerely thanking Arts Council Malta and Malta Crafts Foundation for the awards, I am forever grateful to all those who supported me along the way in some way or another, with special mention to my clients locally and abroad. A heartfelt thanks goes to my Manager Joanna Micallef Farrugia who continuously supports my vision and to my life partner whose presence I cannot do without.

As a creative, the biggest reward out of all this is the awareness that my work has managed to raise towards dying crafts; that is has pioneered trend-setting influences in the local market with Maltese tile patterns, Maltese doors and wrought iron designs; that it has enticed other designers to create their own brands and merchandise; that it made locals appreciate more what’s locally-inspired and made, and that cement tile-making workshops are once again in demand! #keepingtraditionsalive #since2008



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