Artist in Residence at The Phoenicia Malta -October 2021

Stephanie Borg® has been invited to be the Artist in Residence during the month of October at the luxurious Phoenicia Malta in Floriana. During this month you will find a series of artworks from the Malta Inspired Collection together with the Nwar Homeware and Tableware Collection displayed at the Palm Court lobby area.

The exhibition was officially launched on Friday 1st of October with a few privileged guests and partners of the Stephanie Borg® brand. The artist explained the inspiration and the hard work behind the Nwar Blue Blossom concept and its collection. Some ambitions for the future of this prestigious collection were also spilled.

“NWAR is the result of what has inspired me over these past 13 years since I began my Malta-inspired creative journey. It is a personal ode to the patterns and designs created by our forefathers who painstakingly executed their craft to perfection. My objective is to celebrate these crafts though contemporary design and application, thus allowing them to blossom into something new.”
A striking addition to the NWAR tablescape is the NWAR-themed stationery design by Stephanie Borg®. Compliment your tablescape with Place Cards, Menu Cards, favour boxes and Event Invitations for a coordinated set up that will impress your guests. The NWAR Blue Blossom Collection is also available for rent for weddings, private parties and corporate events.



Nwar 100% Silk Scarf in Limited Edition

The artist’s 2021 NWAR Limited Edition Silk Scarf was officially launched during the event at The Phoenicia Malta. This bold yet elegant limited edition scarf in pure silk is a timeless fashionable addition to any wardrobe. Its blue and white pattern is another unique interpretation of the Nwar design concept. Stephanie has purposely chosen Dott.ssa Dorothy Scicluna as the Face of Nwar for 2021/2022.
Dott.ssa Scicluna is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist who has the well being of mind and body at heart ~ she puts her heart and soul in ensuring that those who seek her advise blossom into their full potential. And whilst going about listening, helping and guiding others, she is also a committed mother and friend. By choosing Dott.ssa Scicluna, Stephanie Borg®’s aim is to celebrate all the unsung heroes that are real life celebrities with those they meet.

The collection is limited to 200 silk scarfs each supplied with a numbered certificate by Stephanie Borg®. As per every annual tradition for Stephanie’s silk scarfs, clients have the option to reserve their favourite number from
year to year.

The NWAR concept is about creating unique pieces with a sense of heritage. Guests commented on the high quality craftsmanship and how each piece feels like a work of art. NWAR is about versatility triggering emotions. That’s the beauty of NWAR. Go on, discover NWAR.

Stephanie Borg Studio Boutique
33 Triq Santa Katerina Rabat (Virtù area) RBT 2462
Malta. +356 99161469


  1. Hi i am maltese and i live in German since 1974. I got your Espresso cups and they look really nice. I have alsoheard you do Figoli with the tile pattern.
    Have you got them on your Shop.
    It woukd be nice to hear something about them.
    Martin Anastasi

    April 26, 2022 Reply

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