Stephanie Borg is a self-taught artist, graphic and surface pattern designer from Malta. Her professional practice as a graphic designer for over 25 years, both in her native Malta and overseas, has enabled her natural sensitivity to and professional handling of colour and line to mature artistically.

Although Malta has been Stephanie’s home for most of her life, she also lived in The Bahamas, Florida (USA), Italy and the Sultanate of Oman. Her living experiences in these countries, particularly those with such diverse cultural backgrounds as found in Italy and the Sultanate of Oman, have directly influenced her work and have enriched her love for colour, pattern and texture.

Oman has been particularly inspiring for the artist, where she lived for about 6 years. Her popular detailed depictions of the Omani people in their traditional attire encouraged the artist to create her first collection of Art Cards, Wrapping Paper and Prints featuring her ink drawings.

Stephanie returned to Malta in 2008. Ever since, she has been observing, absorbing and depicting Maltese daily life and culture, culminating in her second solo exhibition in 2012. Her meticulously-drawn ink drawings of Maltese traditional doors were also first exhibited then. She continued to expand on these themes whilst also focusing on her lifelong fascination of old Maltese patterned tiles, which she draws both in her drawings and digitally.

The artist has combined her keen understanding of colour and linear form to develop a series of pattern designs. She blends her graphic design experience with her love for paper to create the design of various fine paper products, as well as creating her own branding and packaging concepts.

Stephanie has exhibited both in Malta and abroad. She has a permanent display of works at the Magazino Hall at the Valletta Waterfront.  Her work can be found in private collections in various countries around the world.


“My own state of being always plays an important role in my choice of colour, medium and form. This awareness helps me keep redefining myself ~  casting off the old me in search of the new. That is why I don’t like labeling my work, I find that limiting. Experiences, influences and thinking affect the working process of an artist, and these can bring unpredictable and exciting changes.”

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